There are many purposes of a blog. If you already have users engaged in your content via email marketing, website articles or if people refer to you as a valuable resource, a blog can serve to educate, engage or entertain. If this user group does not exist (or even if it does), a blog can serve to boost your search engine optimization efforts by providing like-minded content that is linked to your business website. This is why the blog should be hosted separately from your business website. A new blog topic should be posted at least monthly in order for search engines and users to perceive your site as updated & active. Our blog writing process includes:

  • Collaborating with the client and/or their team to determine appropriate topics that achieve any or all of the above goals
  • Researching the topic if necessary
  • Gathering any content, photos or graphics that could be included
  • Writing a 200-400 word blog that includes the client’s list of important keywords.
  • Cost is determined by the length of the blog and the amount of content contributed by the client
  • Blog website design/development services are available & would be quoted separately.


Facebook is a powerful tool for engaging and building relationships with customers, vendors and business partners. Search engines like to see continual activity from the sites that link to your business website and Facebook is an effective outlet for creating that activity. Facebook’s rules for business pages are constantly changing and not following their terms and conditions could result in complete elimination from Facebook. For instance, running a contest where users must “Like” your Facebook page before they register is allowed but must be facilitated through a 3rd party. 
Our Facebook posting process includes:

  • Collaborating with the client to determine any topics, contests or activity, beyond the blog, that should be communicated.
  • Post 4-5 Facebook posts (one per week) that contain brief but enticing information about the blog post
  • Gathering any content, photos or graphics that could be included
  • Facebook profile and Welcome page design/development services are available & would be quoted separately.



Twitter is a simple, quick outlet for publishing short pieces of information. It works well in tandem with a Facebook page and blog because Tweets with links to those outlets can be re-Tweeted & turn viral.
Our Tweeting process includes:

  • Collaborating with the client to determine any topics, contests or activity, beyond the blog, that should be communicated
  • Post 5-6 Tweets that contain brief but enticing information about the blog post
  • Determine what links should be included
  • Twitter set-up services are available & would be quoted separately.

Depending on the client’s purpose for social media and their industry, there are numerous other outlets that could be engaged. New outlets are emerging monthly and are evaluated by Able Deluxe Technologies to determine their value & usability.
Other common social media outlets are:

  • Linked In
  • You Tube
  • Yammer
  • My Space

Utilizing our search engine friendly programs, Able Deluxe Technologies will implement marketing strategies designed to increase quality search engine traffic to your website. The services can be purchased individually or in any combination that best suits your website marketing needs. We will analyze key metrics to determine your return-on-investment (ROI) and determine which tools will be most effective in delivering key metrics information.

Search Engine Optimization

This is truly a basis for your entire search engine marketing plan. It ensures that all of your efforts are efficient and accurate by selecting keywords and platforms that your customers are using to find your services. Optimizing your website will ensure higher placement in search engines’ natural listings. Also called organic listings, these are non-paid and often the first results on which users click. The majority of all website traffic is driven by these queries.

  • Develop A Set Of Optimization Objectives: To better meet your website promotion and Internet marketing goals.
  • Keyword Phrase Research & Selection: To find the best keyword phrases that will deliver highly targeted visitors.
  • Competition Research: So you can see how your site pages stack up against the competition and what needs to done to compete effectively.
  • Site Analysis: To discover what may be keeping your web pages from being indexed properly.
  • Write Keyword Rich Content: To better support your targeted keyword phrases.
  • Manual Submissions To The Top Engines: To help your site better adhere to the rules/ guidelines for each search engine and to ensure the best indexing possible.

Continual Website Optimization Program (optional) for an additional $75/month will include a report that contains monthly visits, page views, traffic sources and keyword referrals. Search engines like incremental changes so we will also look for opportunities to better optimization your site changes to the content and code. Lastly, we will claim, modify and create listings to external sites. We have a list of over 100 websites where you could have a listing at no charge. Many are in the senior care industry!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management for Google & Bing

Advantages of Pay Per Click

  • You control almost all aspects of the PPC campaign
  • Quick results in very short time frame (24-48 hours)
  • Highly targeted marketing to reach niche markets or specific countries/ locations
  • Only pay for actual click-through’s resulting in a better ROI
  • Volume of traffic to website can be turned up or down
  • Results are measurable and account management allows for regular changes
  • Low risk media buying and Internet marketing strategy
  • Set up PPC Advertising Campaigns: On your choice of Google, Yahoo or Both.
  • Choose and Bid on Keyword Phrases: The higher the bid, the higher the placement in the returned 'sponsored links' results for those keywords.
  • Create Captivating Titles and Descriptions: To attract targeted traffic.
  • Continual PPC Management (optional) for an additional $75/month

Pay Per Click search engine fees are paid directly to the respective search engines by you through an account that you create with them.

Link Building

Our Link Building program is a manual process that involves:

  • Researching your industry
  • Compiling a list of optimal websites to be included in
  • Contacting the appropriate person for those websites or submitting a “request for inclusion”
  • Registering your website with quality, theme-related vertical
  • Determining when swapping links is appropriate.

Your website should reflect your company's style and vision. It can be your most important sales tool that delivers your key message within 30 seconds.

At Able Deluxe Technologies, we go beyond the design and development process so that you have the most appropriate platform to manage and maintain your website. If you have a developer on staff and are looking for a company to build a dynamic, high-tech online presence fast, we can help! If you already have a website and need someone knowledgeable to make regular changes, our services are flexible. Most of our clients need a professional, cost efficient website that they can maintain themselves. They are willing and able to learn how to make changes with just a little training and a simple content management system.

Once you're signed up, you can:

  • Login into your site online and use our easy web building tools to create your website from the ground up.
  • Let our experienced web developers design your site for you (at an hourly rate).
  • Just hire us to design the graphics or help you with text and you do the rest!


  • 1GB of space
  • 4GB of monthly bandwidth
  • Easy-to-use, online web building application.
  • Easy-to maintain website.
  • Plug-in site functionality such as calendars, online registration, photo gallery & more!

Hosting - $24.95/month Build or Maintain the Website Yourself! No Web Software Needed! No Programming Experience Necessary!

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