Internet Marketing

Implement online marketing strategies designed to increase quality search engine traffic to your website.

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Social Media

From blog writing to tweeting, all social media posts will have a cohesive message and an eye-catching design.

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Website Design

Flexible services from full-scale web design on a content management system to webmaster updates and blog posting.

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Staying relevant to your audience & capturing the attention of new markets requires continuous activity with your online presence and social media is an effective outlet for creating that activity. Whether your ideal client or customer is 16 or 60, they're on social media! In fact, baby boomers are the fast growing demographic of social media users. And, it's serious business. Creating social media accounts incorrectly, posting offensive content or neglecting to use tools such as hashtags will render your efforts counter productive. Our most effective social media clients work with us to jointly post content so that activity is constant, appropriate and consistent with the clients' "voice".


Blog Development and Writing

There are many purposes of a blog. If you already have users engaged in your content via email marketing, website articles or if people refer to you as a valuable resource, a blog can serve to educate, engage or entertain. If this user group does not exist (or even if it does), a blog can serve to boost your search engine optimization efforts by providing like-minded content. But, you need to post at least monthly in order for search engines and users to perceive your site as updated & active. Our blog writing process includes:

  • Creating an editorial calendar of appropriate topics, dates and events that are significant to the clients' audience.
  • Researching the topic if necessary
  • Gathering any content, photos or graphics that could be included
  • Writing a 600-800 word blog that includes the client’s list of important keywords.
  • Posting the blog article

Don't have a blog website? We can build one for you! If it makes sense to build a blog section into your current website, our developers will help determine if that's possible and can make it happen. If the blog site should be separate or you don't have a website, our team of designers and developers will use the latest tools to create a site your readers will love.

Social Media Posting

Posting on social media is a powerful way to engage and build relationships with customers, vendors and business partners. Most importantly, it's how you build TRUST with an audience who may/may not know you. Just because someone likes/follows your account doesn't mean they'll see your posts so social media ads are becoming increasingly important.

Our posting process includes:

  • Collaborating with the client to determine any topics, contests or activity, beyond the blog, that should be communicated.
  • Gathering any content, photos, video or graphics that could be included
  • Posting on the clients' social media outlets
  • Identify appropriate links, tags & hashtags
  • Creating ads or boosting posts
  • Interacting with the clients' audience

Depending on your purpose for social media and your industry, there are numerous outlets that could be engaged. New outlets are always emerging and we will critically evaluate their value & usability. The rules for creating business social media accounts are constantly changing and not following the proper terms and conditions could result in complete elimination of your accounts. We will audit any existing accounts that you have and create new ones that make sense for your business. Other common social media outlets are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

Ready to start attracting your ideal clients online?